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How it Works

Unlock unlimited legal tasks for a fixed monthly rate in 3 easy steps.

1. Start free trial

Pick your plan and kick off a free trial. No charges until the trial ends, ensuring you are fully satisfied with our services.

2. Meet legal team

Get matched with legal experts who understand the law and your industry, ensuring relevant strategy & support.

3. Submit tasks

Submit your legal tasks and get timely solutions with an average turnaround time of 3 business days per task.

LawTask vs. Traditional Counsel

Discover the benefits of a skilled legal team at 60% less cost with no hourly fees.
Hourly Cost
$ 0 /hr
Law firms
Monthly Cost
$ 0 +
In-house hire
Monthly Cost
$ 0
Hourly Cost
$ 0 /hr
Law firms
Monthly Cost
$ 0 +
In-house hire
Monthly Cost
$ 0
Hourly Cost
$ 0 /hr
Law firms
Monthly Cost
$ 0 +
In-house hire
Monthly Cost
$ 0

* Salary data for in-house counsel in New York, NY as of March 2024, ranges from $166,863 to $215,599, reflecting variances due to education, skills, and experience, with regional differences across the US, sourced from Salary.com. The average hourly rate for top US law firms is $961, as reported by Legal Dive for 2023, calculated by dividing total billings by total hours worked, according to Brightflag.

24/7 Access to Your Legal Team

Communicate any time through your preferred channels: Slack, Trello, email, or Zoom.
🚀 Thanks @Jordan, sending over your next task shortly!
🚀 Thanks @Jordan, sending over your next task shortly!

Say Goodbye to Hourly Fees

Unlimited legal tasks with a 3-day average turnaround time for a fixed monthly rate.

Upgrade Your Legal Support

LawTask delivers modern legal solutions superior to conventional firms.
In-house Counsel
Outside Counsel
Unlimited Legal Tasks
No Hourly Billing
Cost Effective
Predictable Pricing
No Additional Employee Costs
Risk-Free Trial
Month-to-Month Flexibility
Fast Turnaround Time
Preferred Communication Integration (Slack, Teams)
Extensive Attorney Network with Preferred Rates
Single Point of Contact

Legal Solutions Tailored for Your Industry

Explore Our Specialized Legal Services Designed to Empower Your Business
LawTask Legal Services
LawTask Legal Services

Personalized Services

Tailored legal solutions for your business.

Flexible Plans

Subscription plans & a free trial to fit your needs.

Transparent Pricing​

Upfront costs with no hidden fees.

Unlimited Support

On-demand legal help without hourly fees.

Reliable Advice

Trusted guidance from experienced professionals.


Save 60% compared to traditional firms.

Lean on Specialized Industry Knowledge

Empowering Your Business with Tailored Legal Solutions for Specialized Sectors

Stay ahead in the crypto and blockchain space with strategic legal advice on regulatory compliance, ICOs, and cryptocurrency transactions.


Navigate FinTech’s regulatory landscape confidently with our expertise in financial regulations, payment processing, and anti-money laundering compliance.


Operate legally and innovate in the gaming sector with our comprehensive legal backing, from IP protection to licensing to compliance.


Protect your media and publishing ventures with our legal advice on copyright, content licensing, trademark protection, contract negotiations, and digital rights management.


Enhance your e-commerce and retail business with our legal expertise in vendor and supply agreements, online business regulations, and digital marketplace compliance.

Software (SaaS)

Empower your SaaS with customized legal guidance on agreements, privacy policies, and SLAs, ensuring your company is protected and compliant.

Simplify Your Corporate Legal Needs

LawTask provides unlimited in-house legal support at a budget-friendly price.

Get a legal team behind you

Start your free LawTask trial and receive personalized legal support, 3-day average turnaround time on unlimited legal tasks, no hourly fees, and 60% savings.

Need help with one legal task?

We got you covered. Get personalized legal assistance for single tasks at a flat-fee price.

Commonly Asked Questions

LawTask costs 60% less than hiring an in-house team by excluding additional expenses like health benefits, retirement plans, and bonuses. We offer the expertise and flexibility your business needs without the overhead.

External law firms can charge businesses upwards of $900/hr, making ongoing legal support unsustainable. LawTask provides continuous, integrated legal services at a fraction of this cost, ensuring affordability and personalization.

Most legal tasks are completed within three business days, ensuring your business continues to move forward without delay.

The free trial offers you full access to our services for 7 days without any commitment, allowing you to experience the value and effectiveness of our legal support firsthand.

Your dedicated legal team is led by one attorney, chosen for their industry expertise, with whom you’ll communicate directly, ensuring tailored, personal legal support for your business.

The pause feature allows you to temporarily suspend your subscription, offering flexibility to adjust legal support according to your business’s changing needs, with the option to resume anytime.
You can communicate with your legal team through your preferred channels, including Slack, email, phone, or Zoom, for seamless interaction.
On Zoom calls, we cover strategic legal planning, review upcoming tasks, discuss any legal concerns you have, and ensure your business is proactively protected and compliant.
While we strive for complete client satisfaction, our service model focuses on preventing dissatisfaction through a risk-free trial period, allowing clients to experience our services before making a financial commitment.